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The disinfestation service from Zanzara Tigre or Ratti is carried out by professionals with high technical knowledge on the subject.

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Our staff designs and manufactures irrigation , sub-irrigation and drip systems for gardens , terraces and turf , being careful to use high quality materials.

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When a tall tree is dead, seriously ill or dangerous for the safety of things and people.

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After many years of work we managed to fulfill a dream: today at Moda Garden we can finally manage the supply of plants and trees without having to go through intermediaries: we have created one of our nurseries that allows us to personally manage and control the quality of plants, flowers and everything necessary for your gardens, as well as guaranteeing significant savings to our customers on purchases.

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After years in the green field I chose Landscape Designer because it is immediate, simple and with a great visual effect, excellent in the setting and choice of materials with real images of leading partners in the sector. Absolutely customizable in the graphics even if already ‘rich and evocative. The staff of NBL Software is present and efficient and always projected to change. I made a great purchase.

he most complicated aspect of our beautiful job is to make the clients understand the ideas that underlie my projects. Since I use Landscape Designer the problem is solved. In a few hours I can produce high quality images and films with high impact for the clients, who no longer have to make fancy efforts to imagine how their own garden will come: now they can see it with their own eyes even before work begins !

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How to Become an Expert Builder

You may be looking to venture into construction or maybe advance your skills as a builder. Fields like construction take years to master. New builders may find it hard to get contracts due to their inexperience. Experts, on the other hand, often find themselves with a lot of work. This idea of being fully, sometimes, overbooked is something new and intermediate builders want.

Luckily, becoming an expert builder is possible. You need to invest time in understanding the industry and find ways to separate yourself from numerous options. Hard work and dedication allow you to master your skill and make it possible to get more clients. Becoming an expert in whatever field takes hard work and dedication. Here are some tips to help you become an expert builder;

5 tips that will help you become an expert builder

Create an online presence – platforms like Twitter and Facebook have seen the rise of many startups. By using the various sites as a marketing strategy, people found a way to boost their businesses. Creating an online presence helps you brand your company or yourself. That is, you get a platform to market your skills and showcase some of your work. Besides, you get to interact with clients or soon-to-be directly. Clients will also be able to leave comments and reviews for people seeking you out. That makes it easier for people to find you

Create a portfolio – your portfolio acts as a virtual representation of your business. Therefore, start by obtaining the best high-quality images of your projects. In addition to showcasing your work, they show your innovativeness through different designs. Also, attach the comments and job reviews from your clients and comment on some of your best projects. Not only does your portfolio reduce bulk in carrying paperwork, but it also shows how organized you are.

Quality tools – in a world full of builders, you have to stand out. That means your work has to be recommendable and thus top quality. Since anyone can become a builder, only quality work makes you an expert. Top-quality building tools may include; charts, check sheets, diagrams, graphs, techniques, machinery, etc. With this, a new or intermediate builder can become an expert.

Client satisfaction – clients are an integral part of any business. For builders, construction is under the taste and design of the client. Therefore, you have to make sure that you deliver as per the agreed plan. Customer satisfaction is a metric that you can use to manage and improve your businesses. You can encourage your clients to leave a comment on your platform. By leaving reviews and comments concerning your work, you can address each client’s complaint or expound a thought. That helps build trust and a connection with your clients.

Pricing – considering the number of builders available, new or intermediate builders find it hard to set prices for their services. Some clients may find your pricing too high and avoid working with you. Before setting prices, work out your costs, including all direct expenses, including money you will spend developing a project. Setting the right price means you won’t scare your clients while still making some profits.

Remember, the ultimate goal is customer satisfaction. As such, you should focus on providing excellent results and doing quality work. In return, it helps in building your network and marketing yourself as Gold Coast home builders.

The advantages of garden edging

The advantages of garden edging

Gardens improve the aesthetic appeal of your home. It doesn’t matter whether your garden is big or small, you do need to take care of it. Any garden which has a variety of flowers and plants not only looks beautiful but adds value to the home as well. In order to make sure that the garden looks great people implement garden edging. Garden edging can be used to separate the flower beds or the plant beds from the grass in the lawn. It creates an attractive and clear edge which is both aesthetic and functional at the same time.

The many benefits of garden edging

Most people are of the opinion that garden edging only provides aesthetic benefits. While the rightly at lawn has a clean and tidy look about it but there are many more reasons why you should invest in permanent edging in your lawn. This include the following:

  • Garden edges make it easier to maintain the flower and the plant beds. It prevents the lawn from running over into the flower bed. This makes the garden look tidier.
  • Garden edging reduces the need for weeding. It helps keep the mulch inside the plant bed. This in turn also reduces the need for repetitive mulching.
  • It provides more defined pathways. This allows the visitors to walk in the right way without damaging the flowers.
  • It also prevents the grass from growing out of place. Usually in gardens where there is no edging the grass and the plants grow together. This can create untidy look. However, garden edging would completely eliminate this problem.

While garden edging definitely doesn’t have any benefits on the plant growth it has the above mentioned benefits. This would allow you to make sure that your garden looks great throughout the year.

Different kinds of garden edging

When you hire a professional landscaper they would tell you that there are various types of edging. This edging fits into all budgets and landscape designs. Here are different garden edging ideas that you could try:

  • Bricks are used for edging the garden. It is a basic and the simplest form of edging which can be done by home owners themselves.
  • Rock and Boulder edging
  • Concrete edging
  • Timber edging
  • Aluminium and wire fencing

Deciding upon the right kind of garden edging should be based on your budget and the layout of your landscape. However, it should be kept in mind that there are certain edging techniques which look beautiful but come at a high price. Your garden can look great without using too many expensive materials. You can even pick up stones and boulders from your drive way or you can choose to go with a vinyl edging.

Another thing which you should consider is the weather. While stones in concrete edging can bear all kinds of weather, other such materials might need a milder climate. Keeping these things in mind would allow you to choose the right garden edging for your lawn.

Stone cladding and its importance

Stone cladding and its importance

There are so many ways in which you can make your home look better. Your home is one of the greatest assets that you have, and you make sure that you improve its looks.  One of the ways you can adjust the way your home looks is by installing a stone-clad wall.  The stone cladding makes both the interior and the exterior of your home look amazing.  There are so many advantages of having a stone cladding wall in your home.  However, you must also make sure that before you construct the stone-clad, you put in mind several factors. Some of the factors include:

The style of the stone cladding

What defines the style of the stone cladding you will build is the colour and pattern that you will use when you are making. Stone cladding can be of different colours depending on the type of natural stone that is used in building the stone cladding. For instance, when you use basalt, the colour of the stone cladding will be grey, limestone makes a black or white stone cladding while granite can produce a stone cladding of different colours.  This is why you need to consider the colour that would suit you best before you begin building the stone cladding.

In terms of patterns, there are different patterns that you can choose from when you are building your stone cladding. The best design that will suit your needs is what you should go for.

The type of stone to use

There are different stones that you can use in the stone cladding. You must find out the various stones that you can use and find out which stone is the best. However, these stones are excellent when it comes to cladding. Some of the natural stones you can use include: limestone, basalt, granite, marble, sandstone, and slate.

The durability of the stone cladding

The other thing that you need to think about is whether the stone cladding you want to build will last long or not. This is because there are types of stones that you may use in the cladding that may weather very fast. Make sure that you find the natural stone that will make a stone cladding that can last as long as possible.

Insulation of the stone cladding

Some stones are coupled with products for thermal insulation.  This is because the stones cladding are also made for insulation. For this reason,  you must make sure that the products that are used to insulate the stones are vermin proof and also are non-absorbent.

Importance of stone cladding

They give natural home looks. One of the benefits of stone cladding is that they give your wall a natural look.  This is because there are several styles and patterns that you can use when building the stone-clad. These styles and designs give your home a natural look that you need.

It adds the value of your home

The other advantage of stone cladding is that it makes your home more attractive. Due to this reason, you will get more buyers, and hence the value of your home increases.

Stone cladding insulates your rooms.

The fact that the stones are coupled with insulation products that will ensure that your house does not lose heat. This keeps the rooms insulated.

They are cheap.

The natural stones that are used to make the stone cladding are not expensive. This makes the construction of the stone cladding from KLS Sandstone more affordable and cost-effective.

5  Reasons why air conditioning servicing is essential

5 Reasons why air conditioning servicing is essential

In the recent past, air conditioners have become very popular with many people. This is because more people have discovered the unique roles that are being played by the air conditioners.   Although people are installing these air conditioners, there are only a few people who know that air conditioner servicing is crucial. For this reason, people only buy, then instant air conditioners whenever they want, but they have never serviced them. This is because people do not know the advantages of regular air conditioning servicing.  In case you have an air conditioner, it is always important to consider servicing your conditioner. The following are reasons why air conditioner servicing is essential.

1.Servicing reduces the costs of air conditioner repairs

One of the reasons why air conditioning servicing is essential is that it helps in reducing repair costs. While you are servicing your air conditioner, it is very easy for you to identify the problems that your air conditioner might have. This will help you to do any repairs that might be required. The amount of money you will pay for these small repairs is very low. On the other hand, if you wait until the air conditioner begins to fail, you will have to spend so much for the repairs to be done. This is why servicing is essential.


2. It makes your air conditioner reliable

The other importance of regular air conditioner servicing is that it makes your air conditioner reliable. Regular air conditioner servicing helps in ensuring that you discover any damages on the air conditioner that could lead to the failure of the conditioner.  For this reason, you can prevent the air conditioner from failing. This helps in ensuring that you can rely on your air conditioner at all times.


3. It lowers energy costs

When there is a lot of wear and tear in your air conditioner, the air conditioner will have to strain for it to work as expected.  This is the main reason why you will note an increase in energy costs.  Servicing your air conditioner helps in preventing your conditioner from straining, and hence the prices of energy will not rise.


4. It makes your air conditioner last longer

When you know the condition of your air conditioner at all times, you will know when it requires repairs and maintenance. The only way you can know the condition of your air conditioner is making sure that you are servicing it regularly.  Due to this, it will be possible for you to prevent your air conditioning system from failing, and hence it will last long. When you do not service your air conditioner, it is hard to tell when your air conditioner requires repairs or when it is straining. This makes your air conditioner fail at any time, reducing its durability.


5. It ensures that your air conditioner is working correctly

One of the ways to ensure that your air conditioner is working as required is by servicing it regularly. This is because maintaining your air conditioner helps you in ensuring that all the parts of your air conditioner are in the right condition. For this reason, it is very easy for you to ensure that your air conditioner works as required.  A failing air conditioner will not filter the air you will breathe, and also it cannot control the temperature of your room. This is because the air conditioner is not working as required.


To keep your air conditioning unit in top shape, call Gold Coast air conditioning services.

The Questions You Should Ask Brisbane House Builders

The Questions You Should Ask Brisbane House Builders

Everyone dreams of having the option of getting their new home custom built. There may be times when you find yourself planning the floor layout and thinking of all the ways you would add personal touches to your new home.

However, these pleasant dreams can quickly turn into nightmares if you fail to find the right Brisbane house builders. This is why people should always take enough time to find a contractor who would help them achieve their dream of owning their own house. For this there are certain things which need to be kept in mind a well.

Make sure you ask the builder these questions:

How much customization is allowed?

The main reason why people prefer having a new home built is the level of customization it allows them. However it should also be kept in mind that if you are on a budget adding too many features or elaborations can make the prices go sky high. Plus the builder also needs access to all those material which would go into making those customizations.

On your first meeting, have a detailed talk with your builder regarding this matter only. Some builders can show you different house plans and you have to choose from that only. You can definitely make a few changes but not all design can be altered completely. For that you would need a completely new plan and would require the services of an architect. If you are willing to spend that much then you can by all mean. However, for those looking for budget friendly building options, the contractor is your best bet. They can show you plans which you can choose based on your preference and add a few changes.

Ask them about their experience and get a few references

Not all builders specialize in all sorts of constructions. There are some who deal exclusively in modular homes, while others would be more into designing and building a luxury house. If you want a specific kind of home built, make sure you find a builder who has experience in that particular niche.

If possible get references from them of past clients. Their homes are a good way of knowing whether you want something similar for yourself or not. Plus you can also talk first and to them regarding their experience with a particular builder. This I a great way of finding out a builder who is perfect for you.

Other questions

  • Get to know the time frame within which they can complete a project. While everything is not set in concrete and delays can happen but a basic idea would be helpful.
  • Do they offer warranties on the homes that they build. Sometimes things don’t work out the way they should. In such instances warranties can be pretty helpful and save you loads of cash in the long run.

The right house builders should you be your partner in helping you build your dream home.

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