The building and construction industry is ever-growing. Daily, people construct dwelling units.  Still, companies are building residential houses. For you, this can be an opportunity to be a builder. Have you given a thought on what it will cost you to be an exemplary builder?

Becoming a home builder in Brisbane can be a fulfilling dream. Also called residential contractors, a home builder specialises in the construction of a new home or remodelling the existing houses.

Areas with high housing demand have more work. However, to do the job efficiently, you need the right set of equipment and knowledge. Typically, home builders own a construction company. You can be a specialist in a single area or take a general approach in the construction field. This depends on your tastes and preferences.

Choosing to be a home builder means you are in love with construction works. However, before getting too excited, you must be in tandem with reality. Below is the reality.

Right education and experience

Education and experience top the list of requirements for being a home builder. Homebuilders are business people with companies. While there isn’t a laid down requirement to be a home builder, having an education in construction science, makes you handle your business in the right way.

As a home builder, you are fully responsible for a project. You take charge of every aspect of the project right from acquisition to making final touches on the home that is built. This requires home knowledge and experience in the construction industry. Besides, there is a lot of paperwork. Would you mind getting training in business?

Understanding the scope of work

Understanding the depth of work you’ll handle as a home builder ease the whole process. The type of services a home builder offers is extensive. Not all of them provide these services. For instance, those working at a small scale, with limited capital may not provide services like excavation.

Still, a home builder needs to understand all the services they are supposed to offer to clients. If a client requires some services, you must be in a position to advise correctly.

Insurances and licenses

You can operate without a license, and neither can you run without insurance. When you have these two documents, customers will have confidence in your work. They’ll consider you compliant with the rules of the construction industry.

Home builders in Brisbane are licensed by the required bodies. The process of licensing is rigorous, and it involves examinations, proof of commercial liability insurance, and thorough background checks, among others. Newstart are award winning home builders who have complete licenses and accreditation from the government and other authorizing institutions.


Salary is the motivating factor in any job, right? Homebuilding has no definite wage. What you earn depends on the number of contracts you get. If you are in an area with numerous home building projects, you’ll undoubtedly have a higher salary than those in areas with minimal projects.


To start a home building company, you need to have a considerable amount of money, even if you intend working on a small scale. Some equipment and tools are necessary for construction, and buying them takes a significant sum of money. For those you can afford, you’ll need to rent them. They come at a cost too.

You might opt to take bank loans; but again, this will depend on your credit score. So you need to have some financial stability to be a successful home builder.