Estate agents have all the inside knowledge when it comes to properties. As their years of experience has made them see a number of things. From overcrowded houses to what the heck kind of décor. They have seen it all and they know it all. They also have a good idea of why some houses are often sold within days while others linger on for months or maybe a year or so. Plus they also realize why some potential buyers never ever close the deal and how much an agent can make out of the house which you are selling.

The good thing about their knowledge is that they are willing to share it with people looking to buy or sell their homes. The following are a few things Hervey Bay real estate agents wished you knew.


The house which is priced on time sells faster

Sellers might want to test the waters and see how much their house would actually fetch on the market. However, the thing is that buyers are already looking for homes which are priced and won’t like to wait around for a house which is yet to be priced. The house should be priced in a way that it is compelling enough for buyers. Setting a price which is just a fraction below the price on the markets can work wonders. All of a sudden you would find yourself flooded with offers.

The real deal is that the longer a house has been on the market, the less are its chances of making a good sale. This is something which all estate agents re aware of. So if you agent advises you to bring down the price by a few thousand dollars, they know what they are doing.


Selling could be tedious at one point or the other

For someone looking to sell their home, timing is crucial. If they aren’t able to get their house off the market, it may take some tie for an actual sale. This is something which most sellers don’t understand. They often don’t realize that it isn’t anyone’s fault and certainly not your estate agents.

A smart seller shouldn’t mind waiting around four to six months for making a sale. A house which is priced right eventually gets sold and that’s about it.


Not all potential buyers would be able to buy your house

Buyers eagerly show their preapproval letter to sellers and the sellers suppose they would be able to buy their house. However, it’s not much of a thing. A preapproval is just a beginning, there is other buyer history which needs to be considered as well. Their credit score, their previous loans and mortgage history all needs to be taken into consideration. Just because they are pre-qualified doesn’t mean they would actually be able to buy your home with ease.


First impressions matter

When a buyer walks into a home they need to get god vibes. Anything which is too unappealing to the senses might be cancelled off even if it has great potential. A home which is neat and tidy and looks inviting can be a major plus with the buyer.

Make sure you keep these things in mind when selling homes through Hervey Bay real estate agents, Carter Cooper.