Gardening: a growing sector

The sector is certainly growing since in the last years the sensitivity towards nature has increased and consequently also the demand for plants, flowers and objects for gardening . The concept has changed so much that individuals, see the green outside and inside their homes, not only as an indispensable piece of furniture but as something to change often, depending on the fashions and seasons .

Opening a gardening company in a current context is therefore a valid response to market needs and if well designed, can guarantee a good income . In this regard it should be stressed that the highest sales are recorded during the holidays: Easter, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, All Saints, Christmas and especially in spring. Opening a beautiful nursery or flower center , as well as being a pleasant activity, to do in the open air, can also give good financial satisfaction.

How to open a gardening company

We start from the premise that we must have passion and knowledge of the sector, then the specific skills can be acquired through courses that often the Regions also establish. The investment depends on the size of the center, can also be a minimum investment if the nursery is small and we organize the sale on the Internet , creating a sort of nursery where you can physically choose the plant or flower that we need, but also available of a valid virtual showcase where it is possible to carry out the orders.

If you want to make a minimum investment, it is advisable to do a good marketing and advertising to spread the trade at the local level and above all, before starting the business, it is important to check the competition and the topology of gardening companies already present in the territory. An advice to limit costs is to start a family business , thus limiting personnel costs that are the ones that most affect the company.

Bureaucratic Iter to start a gardening activity

A large gardening company has all the management problems related to the typical business. Exactly like a company, it must be registered in the business register, in INPS, it must have a company name and a business plan and decide in what form it is formed. With regard to a small company, for example a limited liability company (limited liability company), it is sufficient to have a share capital of ten thousand euros to set it up, more obviously management and maintenance costs.

We must have clear ideas on how we want to do our fairgrounds, considering innovative ideas that respond to market needs . It will be necessary to make contacts with the most famous plants and flowers markets, to look for the offers of plants and flowers that have a certain convenience based on the quality-price ratio. The question is important, because for example if we buy many tulips in an area where they do not buy at all, we risk failing earlier than expected. Instead, it is important to focus on new ideas that can launch our business , for example, doing a lot of promotion, a good marketing and make contact with all the restaurants, the fairgrounds and anyone who needs flowers to be able to guarantee an initial slice of the market.

What matters is not just ideas, marketing and goodwill, you have to have a strong entrepreneurial spirit, a lot of energy and passion for the sector because, it’s useless to hide it, it’s rather tiring . You often work seven days a week, you have to go to the flower market to also try to sell their “green” products and there are also times when you work less. What matters is to understand what kind of activity is best for us, you can indeed start with a small, family business, helping with e-commerce and with an effective advertising and promotional activity