From the traditional gardener to the maintenance of the greenery, from the expert of ornamental plants to the landscape architect: the jobs related to the maintenance and planning of the greenery are numerous and increasingly in demand.

Green maintenance: a growing need

The so-called green or ecological areas are at the center of a strong and re-evaluated attention in today’s society and, in recent years, the protagonists of a growing request by private citizens, required by law in the implementation of projects in eco-friendly areas by municipal administrations, fundamental in the construction of new residential areas and of primary importance in the recovery and enhancement of existing spaces. 
A constantly growing need and a request for advice and professionalismmore and more specialized in the maintenance and design of flowered areas, hanging gardens, balconies, verandas and terraces, parks, flowerbeds. Small natural oases now present everywhere and especially in the city, not only to give prestige to impressive buildings and hotels as well as an ornamental touch to luxury penthouses and poolside settings but mainly to improve the conditions of daily human life. 
For those who want to take it then a rewarding and creative opportunity for work , in contact with nature, which offers the possibility of starting a business in its own right in the face of limited investments and excellent career opportunities in the two macro-areas of competence, that of design and maintenance.

The planning of green and gardening

The design of the green is usually entrusted to the landscape architect . A relatively new and increasingly requested professional figure, considering the fact that, until a few years ago, this type of design was entrusted to architects who are not specialized in this field and therefore lacking specific skills in the sector. Essential knowledge to determine, for example, the luminosity needs of each floral species, the different types and composition of the soil necessary for certain types of plants, the right exposure, the organization of the spaces, the usability and future maintenance needs as well as the capabilities to deal with problems not foreseen but found at the practical moment of implementation.

The design phase is fundamental not only to fully interpret the needs of the client and / or the client, for example through the use of technical drawings and photo-resizing programs, but also to meet aesthetic and tasteful needs, harmony with the surrounding context respecting the environment and the psycho-social function that green spaces play.

The maintenance of the green and the gardening activity

Even the competent and specialized maintenance request is constantly growing. Until some time ago, these tasks were custodians or cleaning companies, porters or enthusiasts who, in their spare time and to round off their monthly income, carried out gardening and cleaning the green areas. Today the needs have changed and these spaces are real ecosystems, enriched with flowers and plants that require maintenance, ordinary and extraordinary , specialized and realized through equipment that, although simple and not excessively expensive, require a knowledge basic to be used professionally.
From the pruning of hedges and tall trees to the planting of new plants and grassland regeneration, from the care of diseased plants to the fertilization of soils, from disinfestation to pesticide treatments: the range of services required is wide and not always promptly satisfied , due to the lack of specialized personnel and the still limited number of companies offering this type of intervention solutions.

The start up of the maintenance and planning of green areas

The personal passion for greenery and nature is the motivational push from which to start, respect for the environment and the current legislation on the subject are the essential conditions on which to base oneself. From here, the acquisition of the skills necessary to carry out the activity, also thanks to training and refresher courses aimed at the purpose. 
The ideal would be to start the company in collaboration with a partner with professional requirements complementary to their own, in order to offer potential customers innovative and avant-garde services, supporting them in every phase of the project required, from consultancy to design up to final maintenance and after-sales assistance.
An excellent idea is to provide a whole series of additional services (also under contract) useful and important for customer loyalty, such as the construction of irrigation systems and fountains, lighting as well as flooring and furnishing accessories. for the garden and maybe a nursery available for the choice of essences and colors. 
Also take into account the possibility of extraordinary interventions  (such as snowing in the winter months) and special (such as rental for special occasions and the creation of decorations for ceremonies and major events).