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The disinfestation service from Zanzara Tigre or Ratti is carried out by professionals with high technical knowledge on the subject.

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Our staff designs and manufactures irrigation , sub-irrigation and drip systems for gardens , terraces and turf , being careful to use high quality materials.

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When a tall tree is dead, seriously ill or dangerous for the safety of things and people.

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After many years of work we managed to fulfill a dream: today at Moda Garden we can finally manage the supply of plants and trees without having to go through intermediaries: we have created one of our nurseries that allows us to personally manage and control the quality of plants, flowers and everything necessary for your gardens, as well as guaranteeing significant savings to our customers on purchases.

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After years in the green field I chose Landscape Designer because it is immediate, simple and with a great visual effect, excellent in the setting and choice of materials with real images of leading partners in the sector. Absolutely customizable in the graphics even if already ‘rich and evocative. The staff of NBL Software is present and efficient and always projected to change. I made a great purchase.

he most complicated aspect of our beautiful job is to make the clients understand the ideas that underlie my projects. Since I use Landscape Designer the problem is solved. In a few hours I can produce high quality images and films with high impact for the clients, who no longer have to make fancy efforts to imagine how their own garden will come: now they can see it with their own eyes even before work begins !

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Questions To Ask Emergency Electricians In Canberra

Questions To Ask Emergency Electricians In Canberra

Electrical issues may arise at any time of the day. However, in most cases, it happens during the night when everyone is asleep, some people also experience electrical problems during holidays when families are gathered and having fun. Why do you have to stay up at night feeling restless due to non-working aircon or end the family’s celebration earlier because the electricity ran out already, if there are rightful electricians in Canberra to come to your rescue any time of the day, wherever you are and whatever situation it might be?

Since electrical issues come unexpectedly, it is best if you have a number readily to call if this unfortunate circumstance happens. As early as possible, find the best electrician in Canberra who can help you when the going gets tough.

You may be thinking by now, “how can I find the best electrician in Canberra?”, the answer is, ask questions.

As the name implies, it is an emergency, meaning you will be caught off guard when the unfortunate event comes. As early as possible, call electricians and ask each of the questions that can help you determine which of them is best to hire.

Do you have a license?

Make sure that the electrician you will hire is licensed to work in Canberra. If you are working with a non-licensed electrician, expect that you have no one to turn to in case problems arise with their work.

Do you have insurance?

Make sure that your electrician has insurance. The insurance can protect not only the electrician but you as well in case something happens to him while working in your vicinity or property.

How much do you charge?

Expect that emergency services are more expensive than services rendered during regular operating hours. But, needless to say, it is best if you ask them about their rates. Rates may vary depending on the work to be performed, at least get rates for the services that you think may happen in your home.

What is your usual ETA?

How long do they need to reach your vicinity? The time may be dependent on different factors like your location and time. Asking for ETA on emergency plumbing is a good idea.

Can you give me references?

If they decline to provide you with references, step back and run! Emergency electricians should be ready to provide references when asked. Ask for the most previous customers they served, then call them and ask for feedback.

It is best to introduce yourself to the start of the call, so they would know immediately the purpose of your call.

What kind of warranty can they provide?

Make sure that the electrician has a warranty to provide their service. This warranty can assure you that you do not need to spend dollars again fixing the same issue after a few days. When asking for a warranty, it is best if you get detailed information like the warranty coverage, exclusions, etc.

What kind of electrical services do you usually provide?

Even how good their training or education is, he/she will never be good with what he does until he puts it to practice. Ask the emergency electrician in Canberra what they do most of the time. Can they fix major issues or are they only good in simple electrical fixes?

Air conditioning maintenance tips

Air conditioning maintenance tips

Proper maintenance of your cooling unit would ensure its longevity. In order to make sure that your conditioner works at its optimum best, it’s important to carry out regular maintenance checks. The air conditioner comprises of two unit, the inner and the outer unit. Both of these have to be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure better cooling.

Follow these basic maintenance tips from air conditioning experts in North Brisbane, to improve the performance of your air conditioner. The following are the best things you could do.

  • The first thing which you need to do before you start with the cleaning is to turn off the electricity supply. Simply switch off the power from the breaker box.
  • Start by cleaning the exterior of the unit. Remove the fan cage so you can access the condenser. Make use of a screw driver and remove the fasteners and lift the cage away from the fan. Use a pressure washer to help get rid of the debris. If you don’t have one, you can make use of your hands as well.
  • The next step is to clean the fins properly. However when cleaning the fins it is best to avoid using a pressure washer. Instead you can make use of a garden hose. Its gentle stream can gently and effectively clean the dirt trapped between the fins. You can even make use of a commercially designed fin cleaning spray. It is easily available at home stores, just make sure you follow the directions properly.
  • All the bent fins should be straightened with a gentle hand. The wrong position of the fins can obstruct the air flow and compromise the cooling of the air conditioner. In order to straighten the fins make use of a butter knife. Just be careful that you don’t damage the tubing during the whole process.
  • When all the above mentioned steps are completed and the unit is thoroughly leaned from the outside, replace the cage and also clean the area around the unit. Try to clean at least two feet around the area. This would prevent any dirt or debris from getting trapped into the unit and ensure proper cooling without any obstruction.
  • When in cooler months, the unit is not in use, it should be covered with a piece of plywood or plastic. However, care must be taken that it shouldn’t be covered on all four sides.
  • Make sure that the unit is levelled on a regular basis. Over a period of time the unit can settle into the soil. It can greatly reduce its performance. Instead try to place the condenser onto a levelled surface which would prevent it from going down. To ensure that the unit is on a level surface to begin with, hire professional air con installs in North Brisbane.
  • Cleaning the evaporator coil on the inside of the unit is just as important. Use a soft brush to dust the dirt off the coil. You can even try putting a mixture of bleach and water down the drain. If the evaporator drain is clogged the bleach mixture won’t pass out easily. You may need to unplug the drain. Use a commercial cleaner to get a thorough cleaning.

Make sure to follow these directions for proper maintenance of your air conditioner.

Roller Shutters in Sydney

Roller Shutters in Sydney

Roller shutters provide excellent protection and security, save you energy, insulate your home from the external environment, helps in noise reduction, provide privacy climate and incoming light control. Rollers shutters will provide you with multiple benefits to your home, and they are no brainer to install. According to a study, it is possible to save up to 45% energy on bills by installing roller shutters on your windows that could be consumed by air conditioners. They are likely to improve the comfort of your home or workplace.

Benefits of installing roller shutters

Ordinary shutters have a difference with roller shutters.  Some of the benefits include the following:


Roller shutters provide hard to break in barriers to your windows. They are burglar-proof and bulletproof. All the contents plus yourselves are safe with roller shutters installed on your windows. They are lockable hence impossible to operate or manipulate.

Summer insulation

Homes or offices with roller shutters remain 15 degrees colder indoors than outside. This feature of roller doors makes your home more bearable indoors when the outdoors is unbearable. You can still use air conditioners to make your indoor temperature perfect for you and your family.

Winter insulation

During winter, the indoors remains up to 15 degrees warmer. Roller shutters will make your home warmer when the outside world is chilling with frost. Your indoors remains cosy and warmer to make you comfortable inside.

Noise reduction

External noise is barred from reaching inside with the roller shutters. While the outside world goes crazy with loud music, noisy neighbours, barking dogs and more, your indoors remains cool and silent with the right amount of noise from inside. Noise from construction workers can be maddening, but with roller shutters, it remains a thing of the past. Hailstorm noise and thunder during rainy seasons are reduced up to 85% in homes with roller shutters installed.

Privacy and control the amount of light inside

You can decide to block out 100% light entering in and block out eyes trying to see your indoors. You can choose to let in full natural light to complete darkness if you want by adjusting the slats on your roller doors at different angles of inclination. You have the pleasure to decide the amount of light entering in.

Energy saving

The foam core will retain heat during winter and block out excess heat during summer and vice versa. You will save up to 45% of energy in terms of bills payable. For a lifetime, you will save a lot considering the amount of energy you would consume regulating the indoor temperatures.

Hailstorm protection

Roller shutters protect your glass windows from fierce hail storms which could break glasses into pieces and exposes you to the outside weather elements like strong winds and rain. Installing roller shutters on your windows eliminates the chances of your glasses being broken or damaged by harsh weather elements.

Bush fire and fire outbreak protection

The chance of bushfire entering inside your home through windows is eliminated by the shielding roller shutters. Any other type of fire outbreak is prevented from consuming your home, especially when there are shutter roller doors installed on the doors. The fire will not get sufficient oxygen to support burning. Bushfires can easily break glass windows, but with roller shutters, it is impossible to break.






Why should you install a ducted air conditioning system in Toowoomba?

Why should you install a ducted air conditioning system in Toowoomba?

There are so many reasons as to why different people install air conditioning systems in Toowoomba.  When you reach the point of deciding that you want to install conditioning systems in your home or place of work, you need to decide on the specific type of conditioning system that you will install. This is because there are different air conditioners that you can install depending on the size of the building that you have and also the brand that you love.

One of the best types of air conditioners that you can install is ducted air conditioning systems. There are so many reasons as to why this type of air conditioning system is perfect for your loved ones. Below are some of the reasons as to why you need to install this type of air conditioning system.

1. They are perfect for large houses.

Many people who have large houses and buildings in Toowoomba have stress when they are selecting the air conditioners that will cool the air in all the rooms in the house. This is because not all conditioners can be installed in big homes. The ducted air conditioning system is the perfect conditioner that you need to think of when you have a large building or a home that has so many and big rooms.

2. They don’t change the aesthetic value of your home.

One of the unique things with ducted air conditioners is that they are as visible as the other conditioners you find in Toowoomba. For this reason, conditioners do not hang on the walls and ceiling of your house, affecting the way your house looks. This, in result, makes it easy for you to design your home. This is why the ducted conditioning is the perfect selection for people who are always concerned with the way their houses look.

3. It is easy to control the systems.

Some people have rooms in their houses that they do not use due to reasons known for themselves. For this reason, cooling these rooms would be wasting the energy that your conditioner is using.  The systems enable you to control the cooling of your houses by making it easy for you to control the conditioner on the rooms that it should cool. This is why you can cool the rooms that you are using by turning off the different zones in the rooms you are not using.

4. The systems are energy efficient

Most people do not know that the ducted air conditioning systems are efficient when it comes to the energy that they consume.  This is because you will require huge amounts of money to buy and install the air conditioners in your building in case your choice is the ducted air conditioner.  However, the costs that you will spend does not mean that the conditioners will require so much energy to cool the entire building.  Since you only need a single conditioner in your building, running the ducted conditioner is very easy, while zoning helps in controlling the amount of energy the conditioner uses in cooling the air. This makes this conditioner to be energy efficient.

5. They help in saving money.

With the reduced costs of energy, it is possible for anyone using the ducted conditioners to save huge amounts of cash.  If you are looking for a way to cool your entire building or some rooms at a cheaper cost, get ducted air conditioning installed.

Tips When Choosing The Best Landscape Contractor In Sydney

Tips When Choosing The Best Landscape Contractor In Sydney

A beautiful lawn cannot only elevate the look of your home but its value too. A lawn that is landscaped nicely can surely turn the heads of anyone passing by. Yes, the first impression lasts, and that same goes with your home. The lawn is the first or probably the only part of the home that your visitors and neighbours see, hence it is only right that you hire the best landscape contractor in Sydney.


The struggle is real as there are too many contractors in the city offering you their services and all of them claim that they are the best. But, unfortunately, not all of them can provide you with the service and the result you are looking for.


This article can help you spot the best landscape contractor in Sydney.


Tips When Choosing The Best Landscape Contractor In Sydney


So, here are the tips you have to consider when choosing a landscape contractor to hire:


Complete your homework


Collect all the names of contractors in your area and compare one from the other. Think twice on contractors offering extremely cheap prices, as more often than not, you will get what you have paid for. Choose a contractor that has good years of experience providing landscaping services and can give you references from their past work.


Never forget to check their social media account, website and if possible, different review sites.


Decide on what you want


Make sure that before you even call a contractor, you know exactly what you want. So, contractors will have an easier time assessing their capability of putting up your dream lawn to reality. Speak with them and get a guarantee that they can do whatever it is that pleases you.

Keep your choices open

There are many contractors to hire in Sydney, and they vary on service areas, specialties, size and rates. You have to make sure that you evaluate each of them based on their performance and your ability to pay.


Some of the key factors you can use when assessing a landscape contractor are their tenure in the landscaping industry, satisfaction guarantees, photos of their previous projects and testimonials coming from their most recent clients.


Ask around


Never fail to ask around your family, neighbours and friends. Get not only their good experiences but the bad too. When you hear bad comments, you may want to dig deeper and know the causes of it. There is no other more reliable feedback than those you know.


Sure, you can check online reviews, but you have to be very careful on which reviews to trust. Read reviews from legitimate personalities and be wise enough to identify fabricated ones.


Personality traits


Do not get deceived just by the landscape contractor’s achievements and certificates, as even how good they are. You can never have a smooth ride unless they are easy to communicate with and highly professional at all times.


A potential contractor must be good at communicating, both as a listen and a speaker, understanding and patient of your wants and needs, willing and ready to cooperate with what you want to achieve and finishes the job within the timeframe they set.


Eloquent Landscape contractors in Sydney are tried and tested commercial landscapers who can make your corporate headquarter’s exterior beautiful and attractive.


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