Painting is one of the easiest and most cost effective way of giving your home an instant face lift. For those who are meaning to put their home up for sale, a fresh coat of paint can create a good impression on a buyer. It indicates that you have taken care of your house and buying it would be a good investment. Even if you don’t mean to sell your home, it’s a right step towards economical home improvement. It would give your home a cozy air and make it look more inviting and beautiful.

The key is to selecting the right type and color of paint to ensure that the interior looks great. The following tips from the experts at painting services in Melbourne are bound to help you select the right kind of paint for your home.

Choosing the right type of paint

Paint is available in different sheens and there is also an option of choosing oil and latex paints. The most durable of these paints is latex paint because it’s easy to maintain and clean as well. It doesn’t fade easily and results in fewer blisters in the paint. Latex paints work well for all the rooms in your home.

On the other hand oil based paints work great when it comes to priming wood work and trimming. It seals the stain well and works better then latex paints because it has a glossier sheen.

Selecting the right sheen

Paints which tend to be glossier are often easier to clean. Rooms which are high traffic or kitchens where there is a great deal of spilling, paints with glossy finishing should be used. These respond well to vigorous scrubbing as well.

However if these paints are used in living rooms or dining rooms, these might highlight the imperfections in the all and somehow take away from the aesthetic of your home. Goss finishes tend to be more expensive, a cheaper option would be semi-gloss paints.

Room which have imperfections in the walls like cracks would do better with a paint which ha matte finish. Though matt paint is more prone to dirt because it doesn’t respond well to cleaning. There are benefit and downsides of all kinds of paints. You just need to ask an expert at painting services in Melbourne to help you select the right paint finish for your home interior.

Selecting the right color

For those who are planning to put their home on the market the right color choices for the wall should be white or off white. These are the safest choices and can make your home look clean, spacious and graceful at the same time.

On the other hand if you plan to improvise on the interiors and plan to make it a home improvement you have a choice of wide array of colors available in the market. Cool tones work well when you want your home to look pleasant and inviting. Warm tones on the other hand have a cla of their home.

Set up a consultation with painting services in Melbourne for expert advice and proper execution of the work that you want to do on your home.