Roller shutters provide excellent protection and security, save you energy, insulate your home from the external environment, helps in noise reduction, provide privacy climate and incoming light control. Rollers shutters will provide you with multiple benefits to your home, and they are no brainer to install. According to a study, it is possible to save up to 45% energy on bills by installing roller shutters on your windows that could be consumed by air conditioners. They are likely to improve the comfort of your home or workplace.

Benefits of installing roller shutters

Ordinary shutters have a difference with roller shutters.  Some of the benefits include the following:


Roller shutters provide hard to break in barriers to your windows. They are burglar-proof and bulletproof. All the contents plus yourselves are safe with roller shutters installed on your windows. They are lockable hence impossible to operate or manipulate.

Summer insulation

Homes or offices with roller shutters remain 15 degrees colder indoors than outside. This feature of roller doors makes your home more bearable indoors when the outdoors is unbearable. You can still use air conditioners to make your indoor temperature perfect for you and your family.

Winter insulation

During winter, the indoors remains up to 15 degrees warmer. Roller shutters will make your home warmer when the outside world is chilling with frost. Your indoors remains cosy and warmer to make you comfortable inside.

Noise reduction

External noise is barred from reaching inside with the roller shutters. While the outside world goes crazy with loud music, noisy neighbours, barking dogs and more, your indoors remains cool and silent with the right amount of noise from inside. Noise from construction workers can be maddening, but with roller shutters, it remains a thing of the past. Hailstorm noise and thunder during rainy seasons are reduced up to 85% in homes with roller shutters installed.

Privacy and control the amount of light inside

You can decide to block out 100% light entering in and block out eyes trying to see your indoors. You can choose to let in full natural light to complete darkness if you want by adjusting the slats on your roller doors at different angles of inclination. You have the pleasure to decide the amount of light entering in.

Energy saving

The foam core will retain heat during winter and block out excess heat during summer and vice versa. You will save up to 45% of energy in terms of bills payable. For a lifetime, you will save a lot considering the amount of energy you would consume regulating the indoor temperatures.

Hailstorm protection

Roller shutters protect your glass windows from fierce hail storms which could break glasses into pieces and exposes you to the outside weather elements like strong winds and rain. Installing roller shutters on your windows eliminates the chances of your glasses being broken or damaged by harsh weather elements.

Bush fire and fire outbreak protection

The chance of bushfire entering inside your home through windows is eliminated by the shielding roller shutters. Any other type of fire outbreak is prevented from consuming your home, especially when there are shutter roller doors installed on the doors. The fire will not get sufficient oxygen to support burning. Bushfires can easily break glass windows, but with roller shutters, it is impossible to break.