Don’t worry if you have a small garden. You can make the most of it by ensuring that you use up the space wisely. The right techniques would help make a smaller garden look just as appealing. The following tips from the experts at Byron Bay landscaping would help create a beautiful little garden.

  • The basic idea for small scale gardening is to keep things minimal. This means creating only a single space which is going to be the main focus of the entire garden. This space can incorporate a small fountain, an interesting looking tree or a bed of smaller plants.
  • When you introduce other plants into the garden, these should actually add to the visual appeal of the main focus on the garden instead of taking away from it. The other plants should over power the focal point.
  • The main reason why smaller gardens look cluttered and unorganised is because there is too much happening at a certain pint. Any landscaper would be able to tell you that this is a major mistake instead there should be one specific feature which is then surrounded by plants which complement it.
  • Also make sure you use a palette limited to a few colours only. Adding plants with too many colours can take away from the beauty of your space. You could go for vibrant colours like red or indigo or you could make use of a pastel pallet. Each when used correctly can actually look quite beautiful. The limited use of colours would allow you to create an illusion of a bigger space. Similarly light coloured flowers should be planted in the background while the more colourful ones should be in the front.
  • Once you have decided on the colour palette, you must now choose the plant specimens which you would like planted in the garden. Smaller spaces do well when the plants aren’t too big. Bigger species of plants can overwhelm the smaller space and make it look congested.

  • Sometimes it is better to take help from a professional landscaper. They would create a well thought out plan making sure that plants are placed strategically. You could also make use of the many dwarf plant varieties which are available in the market.
  • If you are planning to install landscape features into a mall garden, make sure to pick materials which are neutral or consistent. Oozing a single material will maintain the flow creating an illusion of a bigger space. Adding too many materials can again take away from the beauty of a smaller garden.
  • Making use of container plantings also looks great in a small space. It helps contain the plants into a small space. Small groups of color pots can add an interesting look into the garden.
  • Similarly introducing a rocky wall can actually add depth to a smaller space. A raised flower bed can do the same.

For more information on small landscape projects make sure you contact Byron Bay landscaping.