Thinking about selling your home? Moving into a new house? In either cases it is essential to get a building and pest inspection in Gold Coast. There are several reasons why getting an inspection done is actually beneficial to both the buyer and seller of the property. The major reason why most people don’t consider one is because they think of it as an additional expense. What they don’t consider is that it is an expense which would only serve to benefit them in the future.

So what happens during a pest inspection? In order to understand what you can expect at a building and pest inspection read the following:

  • The building and pest inspection services would send professionals who would do a comprehensive observation of the building you are about to either buy or sell. They would check the building and all areas which are prone to infestation from pests and rodents. Special attention is paid to attics and basements because this is where rodents or pests usually hide.
  • They would also closely examine the structure of the building. Pest infestation could wreak havoc with the building structure. There might be open spaces due to which the internal structure might be exposed.
  • The cabling can also be faulty due to the fact that pests might have eaten into the cable and exposed the inside wiring. All these problems are noted down only to be mentioned into a report which the inspector would issue once the inspection is completed.
  • An inspection can take around a few hours. It is also essential that you walk along with the building inspector to take a look as well. This would help you give a fairly good idea of how things stand and what measures you should take to ensure that you would make a good ale or a wise investment.
  • The building inspector would first ensure to check for any cracks or peeling off in the walls. They would examine the frames to see whether they are falling off due to rust or due to a pest infestation.

In order to make sure that the building inspection is as successful as possible, make sure to keep the following things in mind:

  • Make sure the locks to all the rooms are unlocked so that the inspection can be carried out in all the rooms. Sometimes the infestation may be limited to one room only. So make sure that everything is open and easy to access on the day of the inspection.
  • Keep children and pest away while the rooms are being inspected to minimise the distractions.
  • Remove any objects which block access to the roof or the attic as well as the basement these are the first places where inspection would take place.
  • They would also analyse the ventilation to rule all the presence of pests. The wood work is also checked to rule out the presence of termites or other such pests. When termites are preset the wooden structure are often found to be weak or a small deposit of powder is found round the structures.